Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ah, bureaucrats. Geniuses, the lot of them.

Recently, Odysseus applied for a sales position with a gun shop that would be opening up in the area.  The owner plans to deal in STI products (go take a look at their guns--I've got their Spartan, and can't speak highly enough of it), as well as other competition-grade pieces.  That's a niche that our local stores don't cover. 

Well, there's a bit of a hang-up in the store actually opening.  The shop owner is planning to sell both used and new guns--but the city council had them fill out the paperwork for a license like the big box stores, for new guns only.  They're going to have to start over with the licensing process, pushing their grand opening back for God only knows how long. 

The shop's owner took possession of the building they're going into at the beginning of the month.  They're taking their time with setup--it's not like they have to hurry, since they can't open anyway.  Odysseus is helping with setup, today.  I don't know if the owner has made his decision on whom to hire, yet, but Odysseus moved into the top three candidates for two sales positions when he went to the shooting competition/second interview the day after his first interview. 

I really hope he gets the job.  I think it's perhaps the best fit I've ever seen for him, and the only downside would be having to come out of the gun closet sooner than later with his parents.


  1. It's the 'trickle down' crap!

    From the federal legislators all the way down to city counsels.

    Too many idiots run the country.

  2. ...and too many more bottom-feeding morons permit those idiots to run the country, because they're too busy watching television stars self-destruct.


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