Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A mistake.

I made one.  I thought Animal Planet would have more stuff that my critter-crazy imp could watch and enjoy than it does, and asked Odysseus to bring the television from the back room (where the imp isn't allowed to go) into the living room.

Nope.  There's nothing on suitable for toddlers after about 10:00 a.m.--after Sesame Street is over.

On the one hand, the imp has picked up a new word: "atch" for "watch"--used in conjunction with pointing at the TV.  On the other, the request is constant, making me wonder if it's a genetic thing that guys are addicted to TV.


  1. Everyone tends to look at sudden movements, and the time between cuts on TV is adjusted to trigger that response. There was a study a while ago that found that men tended to look at these sudden movements in a more compulsory fashion than women, which was theorized to be some sort of hunting-pouncing adaptation.

    I find it very difficult to keep from looking at a TV that's on, regardless of whether I have any interest in the program. On the other hand, my TV is on probably about an hour a week average and that's for the DVD player.

  2. it is genetic.

    Currently, the imp is only allowed to watch Thomas the Tank Engine, or Sesame Street or Modern Marvels or something similar, and only when he's behaved himself.

    I'm sure that will eventually change. He's going to be three soon, and I'm sure that he'll figure out the remote sooner than later.

  3. You folks must not have satellite
    TV (Direct TV)....

    Between National Geographic, Discovery, Science Channel, etc.
    is a vast array of incredible TV to watch and learn at any age.

  4. No, we don't. All we can afford is basic cable. I'd rather not have cable--we get most of the shows we want to watch on the internet--but AT&T randomly stuck their head up their ass and instituted a usage cap that we would have blasted through every month.

  5. Hmm...have you tried getting The Blue Planet or Planet Earth?

    There quite good and if you don't want to listen to the narration then you can mute it and watch 8 hours of animals.

    Actually I think I have a copy my sister sent me, I could burn it and stick it in the mail.