Saturday, September 26, 2009

I think Washington has a different idea of "Armageddon" than the rest of us do.

This won't bring about Armageddon. Economic meltdown would be deflation followed by hyperinflation, not a violent, worldwide conflagration.

This, on the other hand...that crazy son of a bitch is trying to trigger Armageddon, and will succeed if he isn't stopped.

Obama isn't just out of touch on economic issues. He is actively endangering us by making the United States look weak. Because the weaker we look, the more likely we are to be attacked on our own soil.


  1. THE SCARY PART OF GETTING ATTACKED ON OUR SOIL is you know damn well it won't be a
    mooosie troop invasion it will
    be a quasi 9/11 event.

    This mooosie that they nailed in Denver (now in NYC-let's see him get a neutral jury there!) worries could be a fucking mooosie diversion--I hope we are still our spy toes!

  2. Yes, it will be a 9/11 type event, only likely worse, if al Qaeda or Iran is running it.

    We're not still on our spy toes. We simply aren't. We have an administration that *does not believe* the sand niggers are actually dangerous. They do not realize (or else, even worse, do not care) that their attempts at appeasement and politically correct Rules of Engagement that kill more of our own troops than it saves in civilian lives do nothing more than convince the sand niggers that we're weak and ripe for another big attack.

    Look for suicide bombings to start hitting Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and other popular shopping/gathering centers, at least, and a nuke hitting a major urban center on one of the coasts at worst.

  3. ...and with the continual influx
    of illegals into the country (not all illegals are hispanic!) THEY are already here........