Thursday, September 3, 2009

What a twit.

Then again, what else do we expect from the MSM?

The caption on the captured pic describes a police detective holding an AK-47, which (according to the hyperbole) have been used more and more often in bloodbaths. Oh, sorry--"leaving a trail of blood at crime scenes across the country."

This picture is not of a man holding an AK-47. What he's holding is an AR-15: a civilian-legal, semi-auto only, superbly accurate "assault" rifle.

The term "assault rifle" is, in itself, an assault on gun rights. These rifles are fully civilian legal, and are often used in hunting (deer, not libtards), sport shooting, and general family fun target shooting. Calling them "assault rifles" is meant to make it seem that they're only used to murder other human beings, when 99.9% of the time, they're not.

The anti-gun lobby is only trying to make it seem like we legal gun owners are going to kill all of you in your sleep. The only ones who might be trying to kill the average American in his or her sleep are illegal gun owners (i.e., thugs), and the federal government's proposed mandatory Medicaid death panels.

If we legal gun owners are going to kill someone, it's going to be someone who's attacked us first, and we're far more likely to use a handgun.

And the MSM and anti-gun lobby would do better if they could accurately name the gun the officer is holding.


  1. "the captured pic describes a police detective holding an AK-47...">>

    No it doesn't.

    It clearly says "AK-47-type gun."

  2. ...and, speaking as a gun enthusiast, an AR-15 has about as much in common with an AK-47 as a Masarati has with a 1965 Mustang. The AR-15 is a far more tightly engineered gun, with a far tighter MOA (group at 100 yds) grouping, and a far lower reliability rating than the AK-47. I can go into great technical detail about the differences in the inner workings, but I can get really boring doing that. Suffice it to say that the AR has many things going for it, but really, the only thing it has in common with the AK is that they both throw lead to moderate distances at high velocity. Personally, I prefer a .30 caliber sized round over a .22 on speed and steroids, and I can't shoot well out to the maximum effective range both guns have, so accuracy isn't as big a thing to me as reliability.

    And, to a gun enthusiast, the AP lost a lot of credibility by calling an AR-15 an "AK-47 type gun" when it really isn't.