Thursday, September 3, 2009

I can't really disagree with the little whore.

After all, she's right. Every woman trades sex for financial considerations. We have for centuries. Every woman who's ever gotten married has traded sexual favors for being taken care of, just as whores trade sex for money.

But the whores had more freedom in society (and more responsibility for themselves) than did wives, who were literally owned by their husbands for centuries. They were also cheaper, since the exchange of value for value was a lot more open: rather than providing for the care and upkeep of a woman for the rest of her life, the men who patronized whores handed over the cash upfront, expecting the women to provide for their own upkeep and save for when they were no longer really attractive to their patrons.

Ashley Dupree only points out that women still trade value for value. However, what Dupree (and those who judge her) has forgotten is that Elliot Spitzer didn't pay her to have sex with him--he paid her to go away after he got his rocks off.


  1. Legalize it......

  2. Agreed. And what needs to be criminalized are the pimps and "trainers" for those who don't wish to be in the business.

    There really is a lot of freedom in the business.


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