Thursday, September 3, 2009

Prejudice, my lily white ass!

Rangel says that it's "bias" and "prejudice" fueling opposition toward Obama's health-care plan, according to this story.

What Charlie doesn't seem to get is that he and the rest of Obama's supporters are the only ones mentioning race. If there is any prejudice, any bias, any racism, it's on their parts, because they're the ones injecting race into a discussion where it isn't applicable.

I will admit that there is "bias" and "prejudice" fueling my opposition toward mandatory Medicaid: I'm biased and prejudiced against any sort of government intervention into the realm of private enterprise. Government intrusion does not add competition--no private insurer can compete with a socialist government that sees nothing wrong with defrauding millions of taxpayers out of trillions of dollars every year.


  1. When Obama was still going after the nomination.....I made several
    statements that the USA was not ready for a black (or 1/2 black)

    Too many white/black issues have been dormant in the minds of lots of folks of whatever color!

    These dormant issues are now popping out all over the country.

    The word UPPITY is getting lots of play these days......

    If you keep pokin' a stick at me
    I am am going to tell you what
    to do with that stick!

  2. I've had football players tell me that I'm the first white woman that hasn't been afraid of them, so I know race issues aren't totally dead.

    Then again, they also tell me that I'm the first educated person that hasn't seemed to see their color at all, so I'm betting the worst race issues are hiding in the halls of academia.