Monday, September 21, 2009

What, do they have an invasion timetable or something?

Because, Obama is an idiot. He has decided to pull out of the missile defense shield without first warning Poland and the Ukraine* (though he denies that Russian belligerence has anything to do with that). He has decided that it's a good idea to further slash our nuclear arsenal, thereby lessening its utility as a deterrence.

And it's still not enough to make Mother Russia happy.

What, does Uncle Sam have to spread his own cheeks for Mother Russia's giant, unlubricated, black rubber strap on?

*I always thought it was rude to pull out without warning the one being screwed that things were about to splatter all over them.


  1. Sacrifice a few for the good of the many.......

  2. Da, comrade. And to make sure of the good of the many, ve vill protect Social Security by not permitting COLAs.

  3. At least I still can get my COLA (Diet Rite that is...).

    Now if I were allahbama, I'd wait until spring of 2010 and suddenly decide to give US a COLA retro to 010110--just in time for the
    2010 campaign.......