Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We tried it your way, dumbshits. Now can we please go back to what works?

The answer to that is apparently no.

Michael Steele said it: "[Rush Limbaugh is] not. I'm the de facto leader of the Republican party." He apologized for it a day later, but he initially said it. And meant it.

He was wrong. The head of the conservatives, who make up the backbone and musculature of the Republican party, is Rush Limbaugh. Telling Sarah Palin, who happens to be one of the darlings of the talk radio movement is nothing more than another attempt by the Beltway Bandits* to prove that they run the Republican party.

It's because of these twats that we have The Quicker Fucker-Upper** in office. After all, they're the ones who preferred another of the self-chosen elite for the Republican nominee, rather than someone the people identified with.

*Beltway Bandits--the Washington D.C. insiders (i.e., self-chosen elite) who are disgusted by the common man. The real divide between the two Americas lies between those of us who believe in the original vision, and these ignoble nobility that think they know best for us all.

**Again, credit goes to Vilmar of Kickin' and Screamin'.

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