Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Long day.

We took the kids up to my mother's, today.  I made souvlaki for them, then Odysseus and I left the kids with my mother and sister  to go play parental hookey scout out future educational opportunities.  I vaguely remembered going to this town I saw that was twenty five or so miles in the opposite direction from the way we'd initially planned on going on a fourth or fifth grade history field trip. 

It was pretty much as I remembered.  In a couple of years, when I'm teaching the basic outlines of the Civil War, I'm going to have to take my kids up there for the tours.

Of course, knowing us, when we spotted a small, family owned used book store, we simply couldn't resist. 

We visited my family for a little while after we got back, then loaded the kids up and headed home.  I couldn't find my measuring spoons--haven't been able to since the kitchen remodel mess started, actually--so we went to Wal-Mart for those, new shoes for the imp (since he's worn his current pair out), and a quick buzz through Sporting Goods. 

Huh.  Nothin'.  Big shock.  The town I was born and raised in (and that my mother still lives in) had .40 cal ammo in, but no other handgun.  Ours?  Nada. 

Got home, got the kids settled down and our take-and-bake pizza in the oven, and the pixie demanded a bath.  Couldn't stand that her toes were dirty.  Got her in, then out, and pretty much as soon as she got turned loose and zipped into the living room, the imp tried to brain her with his bead toy (something like this, but not so complex). 

He got spanked, the toy removed from his possession for the week, and sent to his room for the evening.  Came out for his bath, but went right back when he was done. 

I, of course, wound up eating too much pizza.  Even with the pixie helping me by eating all of one stuffed crust, and a good portion of a different piece. 

We're going to finish out our day with an episode of Game of Thrones.  If you haven't seen it, and you're over eighteen, you should.  It's awesome.  Violent, openly sexual, highly political, and completely epic.  We're working on the second season.

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