Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sad, but not surprising.

A seventh-grade special-needs boy with the mental age of about six years old was raped by an eighth-grade boy in gym class at Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy in LA.  The victim's parents "argue that school officials should face criminal charges for criminal child endangerment charges." 

I'd go so far as to suggest that all school officials in every public school should--there are not enough adults to monitor as many students as are in your standard school.  I'm not talking student/teacher ratios, but child/adult ratios. 

Because of that, and the forcible disarmament of adults who would protect the children from school shootings, I also think that any parent that puts their children in public school is placing their child in harm's way.

There is no fucking way my kids are going to public school, unless one or the other (or both) want into JROTC.


  1. We let Girlie Bear go through public school because we were able to get her into good schools with good discipline. Boo will be going to Catholic school because there was less than a 50% chance he'd go to a good school, and that's too much of a gamble with our child.

    1. Our "good" school district--the one we paid a $10,000 premium on a house to get into--is deteriorating. Fast. The principals and superintendent that made the district one of the best in the state retired two years ago, and now, it's only as good as the best schools in the neighboring larger town, when it used to be as good as the private secular school (which costs more per year than our local university does). I wouldn't trust it by the time my kids get into it. The Catholic school is good...but with my paycheck, it's not an option, so homeschooling it is.