Saturday, June 22, 2013

The second biggest problem in education is parents in denial.

When we have a Lord of the Flies-type environment for our children to grow up in, is it any wonder that the coach's kids duct-tape the principal's kid and ass-rape him with a pencil? 

And, is it any wonder in the current parenting atmosphere that the coach refused to believe his kids did anything wrong?

And is it any wonder that, when it came out, the small town ostracized the victim, because the bullies/rapists were jocks, and coach's kids?

In a perfect world, those kids would have had enough respect for the other one that they wouldn't have hurt him.  Or, barring that, would have had their dad beat their asses until they couldn't sit down comfortably, either.  And the town would have banded together to ostracize the attackers, not the victim.

Since it's not a perfect it any wonder that homeschooling is a growing trend?

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