Sunday, June 23, 2013


I got an email from my department head, last week.  Seems one of my blockheads that could not comprehend that the due dates for the class she was taking were not the days that the course designer said they would be, despite weekly reminders.  That one, despite repeated whining emails with responses of "Due dates are Friday, not Sunday, and late work gets a 0" could not bring herself to turn stuff in on time.  I also told her--several times, through email, and through announcements--that several of the assignments weren't opening for me, so they were changed to not count.  And that the busy work for the last three weeks was changed to not count.

And she emails my boss, telling him that she failed because I ignored her homework.

No, bitch.  You failed because you didn't fucking pay attention  to my fucking instructions, messages, and/or emails telling you to turn shit in on Friday instead of Sunday.  And no, I didn't ignore her homework--she did busy work shit worksheets that I told everybody I couldn't grade, or told them not to do.

Just...drop the fuck out until you grow the fuck up.  It's no fucking surprise that my Comp II class was the third one you failed.

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