Thursday, June 20, 2013


Does anybody that reads my blog have anything to say about Hooked on Phonics*?  My son is desperate to learn to read, and he does a lot better halfway teaching himself.

Case in point: I don't think his first step was at eighteen months.  I think it was a lot earlier...just hiding in his bedroom with the door shut while he learned.  He hid to learn to ride his tricycle, too.  He's tried to teach himself to read with just books, but has finally admitted that that wasn't working. 

I could probably teach him the same stuff without the workbooks and things, but I think he'd be happier working as independently as he can.

*Besides the usual juvenile jokes, that is.  I think I've heard--and laughed at--all of those.


  1. Does it work by teaching phenomes?(sp?) That's what Progeny learned. She could already read by the time we yanked her from school.

    1. I pulled up their website, and they've got a package that goes pre-K through grade 2 for a bit under two hundred dollars. I was considering it for the imp and the pixie.