Monday, June 24, 2013

Falling down on the job.

It is a mother's job to protect her children.  I take my job seriously--one of the things I do is regularly review the list and photos of our local area's registered sex offenders.  It's not easy (we live very close to an intersection of state lines for four states), but it's worth it to make sure that no one my children have contact with is a predator. 

Any mother who doesn't do this is failing in her primary job...and could pay the ultimate price.  Like this woman did.

Do I feel sorry for her?  Hell yes.  But I also want to grab her by the hair and beat her head against the ground for failing her daughter so very, very badly.

(As an aside, I'm also horribly angry with the state--with every state--for releasing these monsters instead of putting them down like the sick animals they are.  Child sex predators cannot be rehabilitated, and will re-offend in 97+% of cases.  Save the children.  Kill them all.)

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