Thursday, May 21, 2015


Look.  I understand, somewhat.  She's got a sickly kid and no money to run him to the doctor every time he comes down with something, her kid misses school, and it's "unexcused." 

I get that.  I got no problem with it. 

What I have a problem with it that public schools are so much more concerned about asses in seats to get them those precious government dollars that they say that kids must be in school, no matter what, if there isn't a doctor involved. 

Where my sympathy for the mother getting arrested for what amounts to three "unexcused absences"  fails is here: she's a substitute teacher, which means she understands just what bullshit the district is likely to get up to.  She sees, first-hand, the narrow-minded bureaucracy in action.  She should understand why sixty percent of teachers don't leave their own kids in public school, and should understand that public school = child abuse.

Why the fuck doesn't she homeschool?

Think the lesson sank in?

So.  A 21 year old twit took provocative selfies, posted them to a public forum (Facebook), then was shocked when an escort service copied her pics and used them to advertise their services.  Said twit was dressed like a hooker, and posed like a hooker, and was absolutely shocked  when men started calling her and offering to take the contract she looked like she was offering (accepting pay to leave after sex).

I tell my students every semester that everything they post on any social media site, even one with privacy protocols engaged, is public.  I have never posted naked pictures of my kids, have never posted provocative pictures of myself, and will not do either

Hell, where that's concerned, I don't even post pictures of my kids on my FB account, and don't post them here anymore, now that they're no longer kinda generic baby looking.

Any picture posted online is public.  Anything posted online is public

Sadly, that seems to be knowledge that many just do not possess. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Apparently, I have a nerve invading one of the teeth I had filled this morning that isn't usually in a tooth.  I looked it up--usually, it runs through the jaw below the roots of the teeth.  Not many have it actually invading the lower teeth. 

The dentist doesn't numb that one before he starts work.  He numbed it tout suite as soon as I flinched--he's awesome. 

But yeah, a few extra complications in filling two of my teeth drove the price for getting six fillings (all on the left) up a bit, and made it longer before the numb wore off enough to be able to eat more than yogurt to get the naproxin to not eat my stomach.   

I'm certainly feeling it, now.  Or, I was.  I had a solid shot and a half of fairly decent, high-proof bourbon (bit of a comfort drink). 

I only have two more fillings to go on the bottom right.  That will be done in a bit under two weeks. 

But I am not up to deep thinking tonight. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

International law

"International law is that thing which the evil ignore and the righteous refuse to enforce." Barack Ben Canan, Exodus

When I was in eighth grade, my school had us spending one semester in shop and the other in home ec Consumer Sciences.  The latter was up in the high school, so glory of glories, I actually had access to books on my reading level for one semester of middle school, outside of the county library.  And the librarian (who'd been sneaking me a book from the high school, every now and then, when the idiot in my class reading Seuss books at fifth, sixth, and seventh grade wasn't there to be offended by someone who could read) didn't see a reason to ban me from checking out a new book every day.  I read, that year, The Thorn Birds, Dune, Wuthering Heights, and Exodus, among others. 

Leon Uris's Exodus has been one of my favorite books since then.  I re-read it often enough that my paperback started shedding pages like my cats do cat hair. 

I recently found a replacement at a used book store (in hardback!), and have been pecking at it again.  Exodus tells the story of the rebirth of Israel--and of the way the world treats the nation of Israel as the redheaded stepchild scapegoat that nobody likes. 

And shows how the application of international law is uneven, and always has been.

The uneven application of law is no law at all.  It is no more than just another stick with which those in power use to oppress those who aren't. 

Somehow, the Islamic nations are never slapped down for their blatant flouting of international law; somehow, Israel is constantly slapped down with it even when they don't break it.  Somehow, nations who never signed to nor abide by the Geneva conventions are given a pass, while civilized nations are crucified for harsh interrogation techniques that abide by the conventions.  

International law is bullshit.  The UN is not bullshit, but a clubhouse full of petty tyrants. 

I'm beginning to think, depending on the nation, the rule of law is bullshit, too, and that most nations are ruled by the same petty tyrants that infest the UN.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


I just sold three pens!!!  I'm a little sorry to see one of them go, but...I'm hoping that the person (in TAIWAN!!!) who bought the little green Arnold pen loves it as much as I do. 

I have almost broken even on my pens.  The other two listed would have me breaking even.  And I have three more to take pictures of, one to clean the paint off of the cap for, and then I will be turning a profit.

random ramblings

We're down to the last week of the kids' school, next week...and the first week of summer semester for Odysseus.  I think the class he's taking is advanced cost accounting. 

Next week, though...Monday, the imp will be participating in a kindergarten spelling bee on Monday, a track and field day on Tuesday, and a field trip to a skating rink on Wednesday.  I'm not sure what, if anything, is planned for Thursday; Friday, the last day, lets out at 11:00. 

I'm honestly not sure what-all the preschool is doing next week. 

The imp will be repeating kindergarten, though, next year.  Were he in a public school, he'd probably be ready for second grade; however, the curriculum is incredibly advanced, and I don't want him set up for failure by being passed with his classmates before he's ready.  And he's just not ready.  It's mostly a maturity thing, but not totally.  He just doesn't grasp a few of the concepts, and doesn't see the point in focusing and not half-assing the things he finds easy. 

I have a lot of work to do with him this summer, teaching him to focus on everything, not just what he finds interesting. 

I also have a lot of work to do with the pixie.  She has, for some reason, started putting everything into her mouth again.  I had to flip her mouth this morning because when I got up, she had a penny in her mouth.  I'm beginning to wonder if I'm gonna have to tape her mouth shut except for meals when I can't watch her every second. 

She's been cute recently, too--she's taken to picking up a kitty and wandering somewhere to sit down with them and snuggle them.  Cricket won't stay on her lap, but will walk all over her and shoulder rub and purr.  Shadow...half the time, Shadow flops over onto her side on the pixie's lap and luxuriates in the attention.  Another quarter of the time, she'll flop next to the pixie and luxuriate in the attention.  The rest of the time?  She hauls ass into the window to quiver as she watches the birdies.  

I've gotten another 5K words written on my current project, bringing total word count up to 12K words.  I have it all planned out--it's going to be in three, possibly four parts.  I started out writing on the second part (2.5K words), and then realized that I needed to back up and work on the first part (10K words).  I've been working fairly steadily, and I have about the first quarter to third done for part 1.  Part 2?  Maybe the first tenth.  Or so. 

If you're curious about the inspirational music, you can hear it on Amazon Prime, or you can hear it here.  

I'm fairly happy with the current state of the housework, nothing that needs the kids out from under foot/elbow to get done without the delays of "helping," so I'll probably spend the last three days I'll have three or four hours with no children around writing.  See if I can't double or triple my current word count (and maybe finish part 1).

One of the things slowing me down a bit is the lack of ability to print.  Yes, you read that right: our printer--the one we got less than a year ago to replace the one we bought less than a year before that--has died.  Again.  Doesn't even register that it's plugged in.  I've found a couple of possible repair places in the next big town over, so I'll call and find out if they can fix the printer(s).  I like printing to edit when I get stuck.  I can't print to edit.  And so, when I get stuck, I have to stop until I get enough sketched out in my draft book to really kick-start things again.

Not that I truly mind drafting out longhand.  I've got pens that I dearly love that I can use.  :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

I love my family.

My mom and sister, after having heard how I'm doing with wheat cut out of my diet (i.e., far fewer digestive problems, fewer problems losing weight and keeping it off, fewer headaches, and less brain fog), have done the same. 

It's working for them.  At least, it is right now.  I'm sure this won't last long. 

Because they're convinced it's not the wheat that's the problem.  They're convinced it's the eeevil GMOs.

My God, I wish it were possible to slap sense into them.

I have explained and explained and explained to them that humans have been genetically modifying their food sources for millennia.  The original wheat?  Had four grains that dropped off as soon as it was ripe.  Same with the original strain of corn.  And now, look at the grains we have: huge, fat, heavily bearing heads/ears.  Because we genetically modified it

Modern GMOs are little different, except in scale and time: instead of taking multiple thousands of generations to fix a trait, it can be inserted into the genetics of a plant, either by irradiating a seed, or by using a virus (sometimes both).  GMOs are not dangerous. 

What is dangerous is the junk science surrounding them.  What is dangerous is the overspraying of chemicals on fields of grains that have been modified to withstand the chemicals (seeps into the water tables and contaminates drinking water, which anyone would agree is incredibly bad).  What is dangerous is the pig-ignorance--the willful ignorance--cultivated by the twatwaffles that want the human race to die off and leave the bountiful earth all to herself.

Seriously.  The anti-GMO crowd is about as well-grounded in real, actual scientific understanding as the anti-vaccine crowd. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

DTFO, and go get some serious help.

I am a survivor of rape (during my childhood).  I do know that it can, and does, leave lasting psychological and spiritual damage.  I can empathize, to a certain point.

That point was pole-vaulted over when this whiny little speshul snowflake insisted that classical mythology is no longer suitable to be taught in a fucking literary humanities class because it hurt her little feelings

I read the myths in question.  I read them when I was about eight or nine years old, just a year or two past the point of the worst of the abuse, and before it had totally halted.  They never triggered any flashbacks.  There were things that did (like the idiot psychologists, forced visits over weekends with my abuser, running into my abuser unexpectedly in the town where we lived, etc.), but instead of whining about it, I pushed past it and dealt with it as best I could. 

Some people don't understand that these works of art have been a part of the curriculum for longer than their grandparents have been alive, and should not be removed due to the oversensitive sensibilities of one fucking person who does not have the right to never be offended by anything. 

Some people should drop out of college, go wrap themselves in cotton batting so tightly they can't move, see, or hear anything that might "trigger" them, and go live in their parents' closets. 

I'd even be willing to pay them to remove themselves from society, and from the gene pool.


I have a friend who used to have a Pitt Bull/Boxer mix.  She was the least aggressive and sweetest dog I have ever long as you weren't trying to get onto her property while her people weren't there, and even then, if she could restrain you without hurting you, she would.  Absolutely lovely dog. 

My aunts have a little dog, a Pomeranian mix.  That dog is the most hateful, spoiled rotten piece of shit I have ever met.  He's very pretty, and they say he's sweet most of the time, but I haven't seen it.  He goes out of his way to attempt to attack my kids.  Because, they say, he'd been abused by kids before they got him. 

I hate that little dog, and my hand is never far from my gun around him when we're outside, and if he's outside when we get there, I carry my kids into my mother's house, one at a time. 

People are fucking retarded when it comes to Pitt Bulls.  Most cannot distinguish large dog breeds, and anything they're scared of is a "pit bull"--whether it is, or whether it's a Lab or Retriever that's upset with them. 

The problem isn't with the breed.  The problem is with people: either the fuckwits who don't understand what dogs are saying with their body language, or with the fuckwits who take a lovely dog and turn it into a monster, either for illegal dog fighting or because they're felons and not allowed to own a gun, but want something big and threatening to try to hurt people or keep cops away from their home. 

Personally, I love the bigger dogs.  They usually naturally have a sweet temperament.  It's the little yappy ankle biters that are the nasty ones. 

That's why I love seeing stories like this one.  And there was a bit in it that I think should apply to all dogs living in town, not just a specific breed that has been wrongly demonized: "they have to go through behavioral assessment to determine whether or not they’re dangerous, they have to have insurance, and owners have to have a fence."  I would add that, should the dogs escape the fence, the owners get fined for each instance, with fines increasing with each time the dog gets out and becomes a nuisance. 

I like big dogs.  Or dogs that think like big dogs (like my Scotty dog).  I detest the nervous little rat dogs that bite with little to no provocation.  If any dog should be banned, it's dogs like that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two grand.

Eight cavities.  Some small, some are old ones that need fillings replaced.  Apparently, mine aren't doing what my younger sister's did, and spreading and threatening to split her teeth.  So, there's that, at least.

It's gonna be 'spensive.  And that's with a cash discount.  I can swing it, but it's gonna mean no new carry piece this year.  Or next. 

The work starts next Wednesday, so at the very least only my gums are sore today (cleaning), and I didn't have to worry about what to eat with my face numb.  I think we're going to get some ice cream, frozen mango chunks and orange juice for smoothies for next week. 

I did get some writing done, though, while I was waiting for the torture cleaning and x-rays session.  Now, I just need to transcribe it, and expand it as I do.