Monday, July 6, 2015

Busy weekend

I have one thing to say. 

If the White House isn't lit red, white, and blue for Independence Day, it shouldn't be lit any color for any other day.

Much of the weekend was spent picking at the things I fell behind on while I was sick, with regards to the housework.  Today will probably be more of the same, with the addition of cooking for someone who can't currently cook for themselves.  I'm gonna make a Sloppy Joe goulash for someone who shall currently remain nameless to avoid having them harassed by other parties who happen to be trying to financially ruin them.  I'm going to try to feed this person more often.  I didn't realize how bad their financial situation was until last night.

Another of my pens sold last night.  I'll get it shipped today.  I'm going to need to wrap it after Odysseus wakes, and address the mailer, like now.  It's going to Illinois.  I hope the buyer loves it as much as I do.  The Parker 21 is an absolute darling to write with. 

I've got half a dozen pens to take pictures of, then post to Etsy.  I love the ones I've sold, and hope that the people that purchased them are happy with them.  I feel the same about the ones I'm selling. 

Really isn't a whole lot else going on right now.  My mom's going to watch the kids on Tuesday or Thursday so I can get completely caught up (and maybe ahead) on the housework, and then their other grandparents will watch them on Friday so that Odysseus and I can go out for lunch on our anniversary. 

Between those efforts, avoiding news headlines about anything I can't affect, alpha reading (I'm about a quarter of the way through), and my own writing, I think my week's going to be a bit busy. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Random ramblings.

I am an idiot.

In the course of trying to keep a UTI under control until I could get to the doctor's office, I wound up giving my self a mild case of water intoxication.  With symptoms of nausea, lethargy, and dizziness, and a weight gain in one day of ten pounds.

A night and a day of mild diuretics fixed it, but it was a little unnerving to realize that the UTI wasn't the only thing wrong, and the other thing was something I'd done to myself.  No more drinking more than a gallon a day, and only that much when I'm busy and sweating (which I don't do much...which really sucks during hot weather).  

The kids are the worst of monsters for night owl parents: they're morning people.  Doesn't matter how late I put them to bed, they're up no later than 6:30 in the summer, and often emerging from the imp's room, where they're supposed to play and be quiet until at least 7:00.  No, it doesn't seem to matter if they can't see the sunrise--I think they feel it like vampires feel the sun setting in fiction. 

Why, no, I didn't get back to sleep this morning.  Why did you think to ask that?  ;)

Yesterday, the kids and I went up to Mom's.  I had Odysseus take us and leave us there, so that he could join us for supper, after he'd had a chance to take the unit test for the online class he's taking. 

It did not work out that way.  The kids had a ball, but the fucking course website was buggy as hell, and he didn't want it to freeze in the middle of taking his test and boot him out.  Here's hoping it works today, during the hour I have the kids playing in the front yard with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. 

But in any case, we did go to Mom's yesterday.  Where I found that yes, Mom actually did order me a pen that had been on my Amazon wish list.  It's a Hero 616, with a gold filled cap and a gold nib.  I'm pretty sure it's a reproduction of a Parker 51.  It's an extremely fine nib, very pretty, has an old fashioned aerometric filling system, and has a clear, plastic ring between the section and the filling system and barrel that shows ink level--something few of my other pens have.  It's a very nice feature. 

I've read in Amazon reviews that some  of these pens have a(n easily fixable) problem with leaking, but mine needed no tinkering before I could fill it.  And it hasn't burped yet, like some of my pens do when they're one of the older ones and get shaken about. 

Once we got home, the cats were incredibly possessive and clingy.  I don't know if it's because they missed us, or smelled my sister's and aunts' cats on us.

There wasn't much writing done, this week, and what was done was done longhand.  I need to get that gathered up (three different notebooks), and get that transcribed.

I am alpha-reading and helping with the first edit on a friend's book.  I can advise this: when it comes out in the Amazon stores, go buy it.  So far, it's really hooked my attention, and I'm only a few pages in.  Which I read while I was feeling my worst, wasn't interested in much, and still got hooked.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I don't care.

I don't care if someone calls themselves gay, straight, conservative, liberal, black, white, Oriental, Hispanic, atheist, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Shinto, Wiccan, Asatru, or something else I can't think of to name.  I don't care if someone's bright or dim.  I don't care. 

The main things I think are:

  • Is this person acting like/going to act like a threat to me, or to my family? 
  • Is this person acting courteous or rude/thoughtless?  
  • Is this person acting like an asshole?  
  • Is this person open to listening to facts and changing their minds when proven wrong, or are they close minded? 
  • Is this person capable of changing behaviors that prove destructive?
This is what I judge people on.  Most people are rude/thoughtless assholes that maintain their decided ignorance with a passion I find breathtakingly obnoxious. 

I do not care about political correctness, but I will keep my opinions on someone's politics to myself, unless and until I no longer can.  Many do not permit me to do that.  And then I get called names, that I don't care about, but still get worried about keeping my job because of.

And this is why I like individuals just fine, but don't like people in general. 

Oh, ugh.

UTIs suck.  They really, really do.  I'd started chugging water and taking cranberry pills and drinking cranberry juice and alka-seltzer when I felt it coming on...and the symptoms went away.  All of them.  So, I thought the problem had gone away.  I kept taking the cranberry pills, and chugging the water, but quit with the rest because it was starting to bother my stomach.

The symptoms came roaring, as of this morning, only worse.  This time, it includes nausea, mid-back pain, and a low-grade fever. 

Damn it.

Got a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning.  I'll feel better next week.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Trying something new tonight...

I have discovered that my bottle of General Tso's sauce is going to have to go to one of my friends.  I can't use it.  It has wheat ingredients.  Damn it.

I wanted to do something sweet and spicy with some pork chops I had pulled out of the freezer to thaw.  I'd planned on using the General Tso's sauce, but...yeah.  That has been ruled out. 

I've mixed up about a half cup (or perhaps 2/3 c) of honey with about 2Tbsp of sriracha sauce.  I think that will work fairly well, when I use garlic powder and salt on the pork. 

Speaking of the pork, I'm using thick cut pork loin chops--about an inch thick--and I've sliced it thin across the grain.  I'll fry that fair quick, then add a few veggies and the sauce, then leave the skillet simmering for a bit while the rice cooks.  I think it'll be pretty least, I hope it will. 

No, the kids aren't going to be eating it.  The pixie is really not fond of anything even mildly spicy.  The imp is deeply suspicious of new foods, and I don't think he'd like this at all anyway, since he doesn't have a sweet tooth.  This is grown up food.  And, as soon as the kids' episode of Scooby Doo is over, they're gonna eat while I cook for my husband and myself. 

I'm just hoping that the experimentation turns out as good as it sounds.

Monday, June 29, 2015

We need to re-think things, as a nation of Christians.

There's a lot of panic going around, over how the SCOTUS's recent legislation will affect churches who do not want to officiate over gay wedding ceremonies.  Churches are terrified that refusing will lose them their tax exempt status. 

I say: so what?  That tax exempt status is preventing the churches from doing a lot of good--it's a chain, a muzzle, a gag.  Any pastor that says anything outright political that TPTB don't like gets threatened with the church's tax exempt status getting yanked.  That includes castigating parishioners that follow the feelz and have an abortion/fuck around outside of marriage/act on their urges to fuck around despite being married, or any other things that are frowned upon by the whole bible, not just the laws that were fulfilled by the coming of Christ. 

Instead, what we have is this watered-down, passive version of Christianity.  No Jonathan Edwards for us, no sir.  Why, that man was a fire-breathing, politically active pastor that said we were all going to hell!

Well, looking around at the things going on--God being forced out of public schools, while pornography is brought in; girls being snuck out by their school counselors for abortions, without even bothering to tell their parents they were even  pregnant; children being stolen from their families by the state teaching them that anything goes, and their parents are wackos for believing in an Imaginary Friend in the Sky--maybe we, as a nation, are headed in that very direction. 

The results--the mass shootings, the kids looking for direction joining radical Islam because they're not getting it at home or in church, the rising number of unwed mothers and/or abortions in certain demographics, the violence in the streets, the sheer, selfish, thoughtless lack of consideration for one's neighbor--sort of speak for themselves. 

So, yes.  Let that tax exempt status fall by the wayside.  Let the pastors actually start guiding their flocks again.  I will bet you anything that the true Christians will stand up and make damn sure their church is blessed by the removal of the chains and gag. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

random ramblings

I need to start getting to bed earlier.  Especially since I need to cut back on the caffeine while I'm trying to stave off getting a UTI. 

It's gonna be a really, really pretty day.  I'm thinking about taking the kids to the back yard for a while.  I'd just kick them out, but because of neighbor complaints, we no longer have a yappy little dog that gives an alarm if someone approaches that she doesn't know, and we live in town. 

It really sucks.  I dimly remember having unsupervised outside time at their ages.  I wish I could give them the same in their own fucking yard, but it really is a different world of dangers: if it's not the dangers of stranger kidnapping (which actually does happen, no matter what people who quote statistics would say--and has happened near here within the last two years), it's the dangers of some shithead bully calling the cops for what they consider neglect.

And, given the whole issue with somebody calling the cops on the dog, I'm not willing to risk my kids.

We'll be taking the kids and going to PetSmart for some cat food within the next hour, hour and a half.  They'll have their pet adoption days going (i.e., kennel cages with dogs and sometimes cats) set up where the kids can coo over and pet the dogs), and the pixie loves watching the small rodents.  The imp loves the lizards (which seem to love him, too). 

We'd recently gotten the cats some catnip mice, and Cricket loves them.  She carries them around in her mouth, yowling with her mouth full of toy, then jumps up to play with them around the arm of the couch.  I don't mind so much with the toys.  It's when she does it with a real one that I get miffed.

Shadow doesn't care so much for the toy mice.  She'll play with them when she's bored, but she prefers these furry little craft fuzzballs that the pixie brought home after an art project.  They're like pom-poms, but...well, they've got a semi-solid center, and sparklies worked into the fibers sticking out in all directions.  She found one, day before yesterday, and...yeah.  Chaos in the kitchen.  She'd found it at lunchtime for the kids, and it was difficult and took several minutes to get them to stop squealing and giggling over the cat and back to eating their lunches. 

I've got the nibs, feeds, and sections cleaned up on the Parker VS, the Sheaffer White Dot lever fill, and have started on the Sheaffer Touchdown.  I'll need a small clamp before I can put new ink sacs in them--it's probably a bad idea to use my teeth to hold the sections while I stretch the sacs over the section nipples.  Other than that, I've got one more pen (a Sheaffer Fineline lever fill pen--one of their student pens) to fix.  To be honest, I'd kind of forgotten about that one. 

I have two pens I need to do writing samples for, six to take pictures of, and then three to write out of ink and clean up.  Then I'll have six more pens to post on my Etsy page.  After that?  There's the three more I'm going to go ahead and sell to finish fixing, test, write out a sample for, take pictures of, and post. 

Last month, I had someone from Taiwan buy three of my pens.  It came out to around $102 brought in, and I'm beginning to wonder if I really can turn this into a business.  It's kinda going to depend on my time, and how much I can find the pens for, vs. how much I can sell them for. 

Writing...I've hit another block.  I'm up to just almost the halfway point (and up to 21K words in part 1), and I'm wondering if I'm going to have to skip ahead and come back to write the filler up to the good part later.  It's a bit of a slog, and I'm thinking it has less to do with the actually writing, and needing more sleep.

Which takes us back to square one: I need to start getting to bed earlier.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Today, the Supreme Court legislated from the bench, yet again, giving the federal government a firmer foothold into things they have no Constitutional right sticking noses, much less toes, into. 

No, I don't think gay marriage will make marriage a joke.  Radical feminsim did that well enough on its own with the no-fault divorce laws.  Yeah, it's given us a good hard shove down the slippery slope, but the SCOTUS has not made marriage a joke.

No, I don't see it as righting a wrong.  I see today's ruling as committing a wrong.  Not a sin (that's left to the individuals), but a wrong. 

It doesn't fall under the commerce clause (though I'd be willing to bet that's one of the reasons that this was passed--more people filing for licences and paying fees...they think).  It doesn't fall under the non-discrimination amendments, in my opinion, because they had equal right to marry the opposite sex.  Or not to marry, as the case may be. 

No, the SCOTUS decided, unilaterally, to force this onto every state all at once. 

I don't find it as morally repugnant as many will--certainly not on the level of Roe v. Wade--but I do find it repugnant on a legal level. 

Laws are passed by legislatures.  NOT by the judiciary.