Thursday, June 20, 2013

Examples of bad parents.

Jessee Daniels has been working on renovating his father-in-law's home for a while.  He and his wife live next door. 

Recently, he and his wife chased a pack of wild dogs kids on four wheelers, four of them, off their property.  And the kids, in return, broke into the house under renovation, and did $40,000 worth of damage to the property (pictures of damages at the link). 

The kids were eight and ten years old. 

They're claiming that Daniels grabbed at least one of them by the throat, and threatened them with a hammer. 

Looking at the facts of the case, I'm thinking the little shits angels are lying exaggerating just a tad.  After all, it's clear that they've probably been coddled all their lives, and never seen an adult angry at them.

What I want to know is why this was permitted to happen?  Where was the parental supervision when they were riding the four wheelers?  Those things are dangerous, and kids that age have no concept of private property lines.  Apparently, those parents don't care much about what happens to their sprogs.

Next...why were the kids permitted to roam without the parents having any damn clue where they were and what they were doing?  This is not the same world that we grew up in, much less that of our parents.  Our neighbors don't give a shit about our kids, and won't look out for them.  With the inevitable result of the war on some drugs coupled with uncontrolled illegal immigration, the streets are a much more dangerous place than they were even fifteen years ago. 

The parents need to be arrested and charged with neglect and child endangerment, then fined $40,000 per parent per child involved.  Their children need to be removed and placed into either a foster home or their grandparents' care, and the parents jailed. 

And Daniels needs to be awarded the full amount--at least $160,000, if not more, assuming that there were two "parents" in the homes--rather than prosecuted for protecting his father-in-law's property.


  1. Personally, the cost of prosecution will be more, so take the cost to prosecute, give it to the man for the damage by the heathens, with the stipulation all the heathens are never to appear in any other legal actions and no method of prevention is unacceptable. It works for me and I usually have a really good conscience.

    1. I did some more looking around...the DA threw it out without pressing charges (and probably laughed at the parents' chutzpah for trying).