Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Productive day, yesterday.

I got laundry done and sorted, and the imp's clean clothes put away.  I didn't get the pixie's put away because it's a lot harder to do hers with both kids underfoot (especially since the imp is no longer allowed in the pixie's room at all). 

But...I got my textbook done and handed off to a blog friend awesome enough to be willing to proof it for me (Thanks, DaddyBear!).  And I got one story I'd been kinda stuck on finished, and another very short one written. 

Today is going to be a very busy one: we've got stuff on campus to get done, the rest of the laundry to get put away, shopping to do, and the living room to rearrange.  Oh, and a couple of friends will be coming over for dinner, since they're having some financial trouble with one of them out of work.

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