Friday, June 28, 2013

Gonna try something, here...

My ears are still giving me fits...except when I'm eating or drinking something hot, then they pop, and hurt less for a bit.  I'm gonna try some catnip tea (slightly queasy stomach) sweetened with honey whiskey, and see if that doesn't help. 

My ears giving me fits can definitely fuck off.  I've got housework to do, and tip sideways when I try to bend over to do it. 


  1. Ear pain can be part of a sinus, or alllergy problem. Try an antihistimine. I use Chlorphiniramine, which is sold at Wally World as Chlortabs. It's generic and you get 100 for around 5 bucks. I find it works better than Benadryl.

    1. I use that, too. It doesn't knock me out for a full 24 hours like a single adult Benedryl does. Last night, hot liquids were working better than the Chlortabs. They were helping, but not nearly so much.