Wednesday, June 26, 2013

...and done. For now.

What we've been so busy with this afternoon has been backbreaking and exhausting...and didn't get finished before our friends made it over for dinner. 

We completely rearranged the living room.  The couch has been moved away from the wall and flipped to where it faces the wall it used to be along.  It now stretches the length of the middle of the living room.  There's a recliner next to Odysseus's computer, and my chair faces the couch.  We have a seven and a half foot long, three foot high, eighteen inch deep shelving unit (fucker weighs a ton--solid wood) where the couch used to be, and the television moved to the middle of that wall, instead of in the corner. 

Why did we do this?  Simple.  We needed classroom space.  The imp and the pixie are starting to really take things seriously where trying to learn to read is concerned (expected with the imp--he's four and a half, and hasn't ever had a day of his life where he wasn't read to, or seen Mom and Dad reading--but not so much with the pixie, since she's two and a half).  So we put the coffee table (30" wide by 50" long oval) on the opposite wall from the television, behind the couch.  And, with their folding stools, that should make a more than adequate surface for writing. 

But moving the shelves, the chairs, two three shelf bookcases, the couch, the tables--pretty much everything in the living room, now that I think about it--was exhausting work, made even more unpleasant by outside temperatures ensuring that inside temperatures were five degrees hotter than the already-high thermostat setting (standard daytime temps are set at 78 degrees). 

No, we're not done.  We've got all sorts of clutter that we'd had stacked neatly out of sight to sort through and get the hell out of the room.  (I will admit: much of it is my yarn and knitting projects). 

Tomorrow...we're going to be going up to visit my in-laws.  Should be back just after midday, so that we can get the pup brought in out of the heat before her shade completely disappears.  After that?  I'm gonna finish the job I started with the living room. 

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