Sunday, June 23, 2013


Ms. Staudte,

I don't care if you hated your husband, thought your son a pest, and thought your daughter a worthless bum--you don't bring out the antifreeze

Hate your husband?  Divorce him, don't kill him.  Because a first degree murder conviction in my state is far more expensive than a divorce.

Think your son is a pest?  Kick him out and tell him he's not welcome in your house.  Again, first degree murder...

Think your daughter is a bum?  Tell her she has one month to get a job, any job, and start paying off her student debts, or get the fuck out of your house.

And, even more than the above, you don't get your youngest daughter in on your horrible actions.  You sicken me.  It makes me sad that your mother wasn't able to abort you.

Love and kisses,

A wife and mother to a son and daughter

P.S. I hope you and your daughter both get the death penalty.  You are far too nasty of a piece of work--both of you are--to be permitted to walk the world.

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