Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ugh! Textbooks!

Anybody interested in being a beta reader?  I'm nearly finished with my Composition I textbook, and I'd like an outside eye looking it over for stupid errors from copying units from my online stuff and pasting it into the for the classroom edition.  And for stupid errors in which is under what kind of header (same types of info need to be under uniform header styles from chapter to chapter, and I'm too tired of it to see what I'm looking at). 

I should be done sometime this evening or tomorrow, and it needs to be posted in my enhanced course website by mid-July.  (Apparently, our copy budget doesn't extend to fifty copies of a 60 page book...but does extend to fifty copies of sixty different worksheets, packets, and other handouts.  So, I have to post it in a course website.)



  1. I'd be interested, but I've never proofread a textbook before. Let me know.