Monday, June 24, 2013

My textbook

I have one more sample essay to write--around seven hundred or so words--and it will be finished.  It'll come skating in at just under 20,000 words--just about 65 pages, single spaced. 

It has everything I want for my students, a few worksheets...and no fancy glossy photos, or fluff. 

Printing it through CreateSpace would cost right around $4.15.  I wouldn't charge more than $5 for it, were I to go that route.

As it is, it's going to be posted for free download for my students, so they don't have to pay more than printing costs for it--something around 32 pages, printed on both sides of the paper.   So, with laser printers on campus at $.10 per printed page, call it about $3.20-$6.40, depending on how it's figured. 

The cheapest Comp I textbook that I can find costs around $45.  And it sucks for actually teaching from it.

That says some very bad things about the textbook agencies, and worse things about my colleagues that use these books, nationwide. 

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