Wednesday, April 11, 2018


I had one of the people I used to teach with (who quit teaching after she got threatened by sand lice for A's) contacted me last week.  One of her former students had contacted her about a friend's father-in-law who'd written a memoir, and wanted to hire someone to proofread and edit that memoir.  And she thought of me. 

I replied that I'd be happy to, and I've been put in contact with the individual in question. 

I was expecting something like a hundred pages--somebody's parent's half-told life story.  What I got was almost 300 pages.  I set a rate, and I received the ms. this morning. 

I'll be working through that starting this weekend, or later this week.  After I've handed Bite Sized off to my beta reader victims volunteers.

But that has been one hell of a roundabout way to get an editing gig.  And very much un-looked-for.


  1. Life leads to things unexpected. You'll probably find your efforts are more than rewarding.

    1. Memoirs are definitely worth while. Especially for families.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, it is, even if it *did* come out of left field!


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