Friday, April 13, 2018

I need a nap.

I didn't get a chance for coffee this morning before I had to hit the ground running.  Today was the kids' school's grandparents day--the day where the elementary school opens its doors and shows off what the kids are doing for their grandparents. 

And my mother in law wanted to have the imp come home with her afterwards.  So I had to make sure and get him to pack for overnight while doing the rest of the morning stuff.  It was just enough more than usual that I forgot Odysseus's tea (sorry, hon), and my coffee. 

I got the kids dropped off, and got the Walmart groceries gotten, then got them back out to the car.  And found out that I had forgotten to get the cooler bags back out into the car.*

Okay, then.

Got the perishables home and in, realized the trash hadn't gotten to the curb, and checked the levels.  Not much, and we have some crazy-strong wind straight out of the south.  I decided NOT to put it out because I didn't want to chase the empty barrel across the county heading north.

Got to Sam's Club (finally) and they had drinkable coffee.  Had a single, small cup as I did my shopping and got home.  Got stuff put away (again).

Took a deep breath, and dove into straightening up the living room a bit, and the entry way.  I was pretty sure my mother-in-law wouldn't have time to stay and visit, so I focused mostly on the easily visible.  Got that done, and collapsed for a few minutes.  Let the dog out.  Then cleaned the cats' box.  Then let the dog back in.   

She's been in and out all day--when I said the wind was blowing really hard, I wasn't kidding.  Dog didn't want to be out in it.  She doesn't really want to be inside, either, though.  Poor thing.

And by that time, the kids were turned loose.  Lunch. 

And now.  Now, I'm exhausted.  I'd love to have a nap, but there's a pixie watching the old Wonder Woman series on DVD in the other room.  So sleep is a bit out of the question.

So I'm picking up that editing job I'd agreed to, starting now.  The faster I get that done, the faster I can get back to my stuff. 

*I keep two Mylar-lined bags rolled up in the back compartment of the Subaru.  We've used those to keep frozen custard frozen hard for a more-than-an-hour drive.


  1. Yep, there ARE days like that... sigh

    1. I forgot to mention I had to re-pack the imp's overnight bag because he forgot pants. And packed tee shirts when the high yesterday was 78 and today was 46. Yes, it was a heck of a day. Bit of sleeping in this morning and a proper sized cup of coffee and today was much better.


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