Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Well, apparently, the university can't afford raises or Christmas bonuses: they're changing job titles.  Secretaries are no longer secretaries.  They're now Administrative Assistants.

That just rolls off the tongue: English and Philosophy Department Administrative Assistant. 

I will agree that these secretaries are now doing more than what used to be considered a secretary's job; however, I think the university should have cut the pay of some of the various VPs and shifted that money into giving the raises to the people who actually do the fucking work: their "Administrative Assistants." 


  1. Yup. if I ran the circus, I'd bust some of our admins back to 'assistant' status and promote the secretaries, because they're the ones who know how to get stuff done.

    They haven't posted our "pay advice" for this month yet (which makes me slightly nervous; normally they have it up well in advance.)

    I'm wondering if we all got enrolled in the Jelly of the Month club for this year, instead of the "one time stipend" (which is what a state school must call a Christmas bonus, apparently)

    ("It's the gift that keeps on giving!")

    1. Honestly, with our university, I'd start with the board, then the idiot they've installed as president, and then work my way down. We don't have any competent admin above Dean of Schools. And only two of those.


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