Tuesday, December 16, 2014


When I said that the pixie was sick on Sunday, I meant really, really sick.  Bad enough to have me a little scared.  She was breathing hard and fast, her heart was beating hard and fast, she had a deep, barking cough, and was running a fever.  I was going to call the doctor on Monday...and then, after a good night's sleep, she was much improved.  Still coughing, but no fever, and no difficulty breathing. 

I was the one having difficulty, yesterday--difficulty keeping her still and quiet to continue her recovery.  I'm having the same trouble today. 

And today, she's throwing mini-tantrums when I refuse to let her up to run around and play. 

She's going back to school tomorrow.


  1. I've got a little getting over her inner ear infection mess as we speak. A shot of Rocephin with some codeine syrup and she's running like the little buzzsaw she is. I hate it when the littles get sick. Here's to your little's recovery...

    1. Thanks. I think the pixie is, for the most part, fully recovered.

      I remember being small and having an ear infection. That was almost more miserable than the flu. Poor kid. I'm glad yours is feeling better, too.

  2. Being kids, they DON'T understand the concept of rest... sigh

    1. I tell both of them that I would dearly love a nap...but can't have one. And that there will come a day when they wished they could take a nap.

      Neither of them believe me.


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