Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sick pixie. Again.

I'm really beginning to hate handing my children over for solid chunks of days.  My imp may be doing much better, for the most part, but the pixie has barely gotten over one virus before she's come down with the next one. 

I'm not sure she'll be up for school tomorrow.  She's decidedly uncomfortable, and has been running a fever, on and off.  I think the best, and only, thing I can do is try my best to get her to be still and rest to recover.  The Nutcracker is doing a lot of my work for me...but I've already watched it twice today, and have promised her I'd start it again when she wakes back up from her nap.

It's ironic, though...the doctors in the NICU told me that the imp would probably have a weak immune system, and that he'd have trouble with it through elementary school.  He's had one cold (albeit a nasty one), and one bout with stomach flu.  He's had to stay home once.  It's ironic that the one born eight weeks early has the stronger immune system than the one who was born only a little early. 


  1. It seems the first year any kiddo is in either day care or school, they get every bug that passes down the road. Then it goes through the entire family. Typically it all starts 2 weeks after they start school or day care and goes the entire year. Least The Nutcracker has good music...


    1. The imp is also in his first year of school...the pixie is just in a class with other threes and just-turned-fours, and they're not only germ incubators, but germ incubators with no personal boundaries. And the pixie is very snuggly and affectionate with everyone.

  2. It's never fun when the littlest ones are sick. Hope she gets better without passing it on.


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