Monday, December 29, 2014


They're expensive.

They both had their well-child check-ups, today.  The imp is 48 inches tall, now, and 48 pounds, while the pixie is 40 inches and 34 pounds.  Doc said we're doing good monitoring the imp (catching the red #40 intolerance, and the allergy-induced behavioral issues--with no red #40, and a dose of allergy meds every morning, he's incredibly well-behaved, especially for his age).  Also confirmed what I suspected: that the pixie just has to power through the constant round of viruses she's been dealing with (catching the next as soon as she recovers from the one just previous).  The two appointments were at the office of a doctor that has stopped accepting any sort of health insurance.  She's started offering a subscription-based service...but the office visit for each child was $116, and the subscription is $60/month/person. 

After their appointment, Odysseus and I took them to Sam's Club...and found something I'd been planning on getting to help the imp organize his toys: clear plastic shoeboxes.  He's got two for wood rails, one for wood engines, one for metal, one for cars, one for trucks, one for dozers, one for signs.  And all of them are labeled in writing, and he showed us he could read the tubs and lids.  The pixie has three more from the set for her wooden magnet dolls and some of her small bits of costume jewelry and things.  

Right now, the pixie is asleep for naptime...and the imp is outside, riding the bike the grandparents sent Christmas money for. 

Yep: kids are expensive, but they're worth every penny.


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    1. At least I've taught them (for the moment) that the "Momma Can I Have" routine doesn't work. Momma always says "no" if it's not something they need, or it's something we (or they) don't have the money for.


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