Friday, December 5, 2014

FFOT: stupid policy enforcement

Well.  I'd be finished after today, were it not for the mush-brained twatwaffle who thinks Kipling's Kim described the Great Game of nations in unironic terms (assuming he knows that's where the terms he's been gleefully throwing around come from), and has embraced whole-heartedly applying the term "Great Game" to things: we have the Great Game of Business, and the Great Game of Education.

Why on earth did the Board of Trustees decide to hire a community college player on as a growing and developing full university president?

Because of this idiot, every class must do something during scheduled final exams time.  Yep, every class.  From Choir to Ceramics to College Composition.  Knowledge-based classes and skills-based classes.

I can see the point with the knowledge-based classes, all of which now require a comprehensive final exam, but skills-based?  It's fucking stupid.  It's a waste of the students' time, the instructors' time, and of the resources of the university. 

I s'pose that just matches the fat-fuck waste of space sitting in the university president's office. 


  1. Have them write an essay on their thoughts of this policy including their thoughts on whether "twatwaffle" is a strong enough descriptor....

    1. I've set that as the absolute last minute they can hand in revisions.

  2. Oh no, it's the Great Game of Twatwaffle Education!

  3. Welcome to my world. I always figured it was because someone somewhere in a department that was Not Mine wasn't doing their job, and so we all get punished with increasingly draconian rules.

    We have the same rule about "ALL CLASSES MUST HAVE A FINAL EXAM." Yeah, great. What about the capstone evening class I co-teach with someone, where the students did a giant research paper and presented the results of their research to the class, and it's purely a skills-based class (mostly data collection and analysis) and writing an exam would be insane?

    We decided to have them come and informally meet with us some time this week and tell us their "impressions" of the class. (Otherwise, we'd be doing something Friday afternoon - the scheduled time for this class to have it's final - and that's just crazypants).

    My co-teacher and I figured none of the students would narc us out to the dean.

    1. My students wouldn't talk about it to the dean...but they do to each other, and should some of my coworkers hear about it, they dislike me enough that *they* would talk to the dean to attempt to get me into trouble.

      Hence, any revisions that need done and haven't been turned in...are due during final exam time.


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