Friday, November 21, 2014

Stil here...

I'm just a bit overloaded with everything going on, right now.  Odysseus, the pixie, and I are all sick; I have end-of-semester grading between now and the end of semester, which is the first Friday in December; a couple of friends of ours are getting married this weekend, and the pixie and imp will be flower girl and ring-bearer, respectively; and we will be going to our first of two Thanksgivings on Sunday. 

So, for the time being, blogging, writing, (and if I'm to be honest, housework) and everything else that isn't grading, child-minding, or getting ready for the weekend has been put on hold.  I'll be back when I can--hopefully with commentary on the goings-on in the world, because I'm hoping to get a memory upgrade on my laptop that will permit me to surf the news sites again without the computer crashing.