Saturday, November 22, 2014

random ramblings

Well, two of our friends tied the knot, today.  The pixie was the perfect little flower girl: flinging the artificial petals here, there, and everywhere more gracefully than any not-quite-four year old girl should.  And speaking of that, she did it in heels.  Not terribly high heels, but still.  And she chose the shoes. 

And, after their parts were done, the kids exhibited exemplary behavior.  They behaved, during the service, as well as the adults did. 

Other children attending didn't behave so well.

We have rewarded them for their spectacularly good behavior with cookies and new coloring books.  I'm incredibly proud of both of them. 

Cricket, our black and white cat, just discovered the pixie's shoes.  She's acting scared to death of them.  Just like she is of hairbrushes.

I've collected papers, and have half of them graded.  Yes, this is the last paper for the semester.  No, it's not the last of their work--I have them blogging, now.  500 word posts, due Tuesday and Thursday nights.  

Writing...still behind on that.  I've got some done long-hand, but not a whole lot.

Tomorrow, we have our first round of Thanksgiving visits, to Odysseus's parents.  I've been asked to provide a batch of chocolate peanut butter chip cookies, which will be made tonight after supper, with Odysseus's help. 

And Monday, it's back to class.  Tuesday is the last day of classes for the week for both the imp and Odysseus.  And Thursday, we'll be going to my mother's for Thanksgiving dinner. 

After that, I'll have some breathing room.  And the following week--the first week of December--is the last week of classes altogether for the semester.


  1. And a chance to catch y'alls breath... :-) Glad the wedding went well!

    1. A little bit, at least. And then comes Christmas shopping.