Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little boys...

So, yesterday, about 1:30, I got a call from the private school that the kids go to.  They wanted us to come pick up the imp.  There'd been an incident, and he'd been hurt--he'd fallen off of the step-stool up to the sinks in the bathroom, and had hit his head good and hard.

I certainly hope they've checked the bathroom floor for damage, because he has an incredibly hard head. 

When the imp got home, he was a little dazed, disoriented, and drowsy, and that didn't clear up for about three hours or so, but his eyes looked fine: pupils the same size, the right size for the light in the room, and reacted fine to light changes.  And he wasn't really nauseous. 

Thing is, I've seen this child using the step stools I have set up in the hall bath for the kids to be able to brush their teeth.  He doesn't stand still.  He isn't careful.  To the contrary--he dances around, and hops back and forth between his and his sister's.  I have, in the past, warned him that this behavior will get him hurt.

I suspect that it has, as of yesterday.  The good thing coming out of that is that he was very careful using the step stools last night.  Once he hurts himself doing something I've told him not to do, he usually doesn't do it again. 

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