Saturday, November 8, 2014

random ramblings

I really don't have much to say, this week, and not much energy to say it.  I've still got the migraine, although much reduced. 

Odysseus got the kids the third season of Scooby-Doo on DVD, last night, and they watched that last night while eating pizza (the imp) and chicken nuggets, grapes, and cheese (the pixie), while I was laying in bed hoping for some of the headache to ease. 

The kids are having fun playing, right now.  Unfortunately, they're playing loudly, if behind closed doors. 

The cats have been clingy since I woke up with this migraine yesterday morning.  Cricket is easily startled into running away, and if Shadow isn't sleeping on me, she's curled up nearby. 

Thankfully, the week of classes was fairly easy.  I spent some of the time explaining source citation to my students, and some of the time shooing them off to go do research.  Some of them have everything they need, now, and some had to do the research to discover that their topics wouldn't work too well for a research paper, so that they'd switch which point, they found what they needed, and are ready to write. 

I haven't been able to focus on writing since Thursday.  I'm about 10k words behind where I was hoping to be, by now.  I'll try to write later, if I can get this damn headache to release its grip.


  1. Hopefully you get better soon...

    1. Thanks--I already feel better than I did. A LOT better. Friday, I had the queasies with the headache, and I never have that. Yesterday, those were gone, and the pain had eased, for the most part. Today, there's just a little light sensitivity.