Sunday, November 2, 2014

Been a long, miserable evening.

We went to see my mom, today.  It was a fairly good visit, and I helped my sister wash my dog.  She's no longer a stinky little Scotty. 

The pixie and the imp ate huge lunches today--roast, and green beans, and macaroni and cheese--and the pixie stole my roll.  I had no clue things were about to go pear-shaped.

We left fairly early in the afternoon, to try to get the pixie a chance to nap...didn't happen in the car.  Poor thing was coughing like crazy.  She'd been doing that a little since Friday, but nothing like the car ride home.  I got her to take a little Mucinex, and put her to bed, and she slept for about an hour.  And woke up feeling terrible.  Running a fever.

It's just gotten worse--she has nightmares when she's sick.  And she's not slept well at all.  I've just given her a dose of Mucinex and one of ibuprofen. 

I don't think she's going to school tomorrow. 


  1. Sorry to hear that. Sick kids are NEVER fun...

    1. No, they aren't. They're even worse when they start feeling better, but aren't fully recovered--only just enough to be restless and irritable because I won't let them go play.