Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wow. And I didn't think my opinion of bureaucrats could go much lower.

The bottom feeders in charge of Topeka, KS, in their infinite wisdom, have decided that, in an effort to avoid necessary budget cuts, they're going to refuse to prosecute crimes with real victims.

Odysseus said he didn't want to get into this particular can of worms, so I will. I have a better idea. Rather than telling Cletus that he ain't gettin' arrested when the he hits the little woman and she gets the gumption to call the cops (or Marlene that she ain't gettin' arrested when she hits her old man with a frying pan for telling her he liked his ex-wife's cooking better than hers*), try not arresting those involved in victimless crime. You know, like renting a prostitute, or possessing just enough drugs for your own use.

If Topeka, KS (a college town), would stop arrests on possession, they'd probably save their entire city budget three times over, in just the first six months.

Another (less likely) option would be to get rid of all of the senior undersecretary type positions in the city administration. Buuut....since the suggestion was made in an effort to not have to do that, poor Topeka is going to have to start stocking more concealer to hide the black eyes that each job saved is going to create, and hope to God that it doesn't get worse than that.

Because they can't refuse to prosecute when domestic violence pole-vaults into murder.

*This actually happened to my dad.


  1. It being a state capital there were probably some other "possession" arrests....that were probably already not being prosecuted.

  2. Those victimless crimes involve a lot of money and opportunities for graft. What police have more reputation for corruption than vice squads? And prosecutors of course get their chance too.

    Domestic violence, I bet, almost never involves an opportunity for graft.

    I read this as a despicable attempt to get outside money by using domestic violence victims as a sort of hostage.

  3. Mousie, I'd bet you're exactly right. Just like city bureaucracies hold all of us hostage by cutting fire departments and law enforcement before they take cuts themselves.

  4. I watched a heart wrenching documentary the other night.

    The video is 45 minutes long.

    The situation exists in the US of A.

    We can bitch and moan about abuse, discrimination, etc. BUT YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!

    Please watch.....



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