Monday, October 17, 2011

I won't ask how this happened.

I know damn well how this happened.

The university where I teach has a teacher education program, one of the highest rated in the state. About a quarter of declared teacher ed majors flunk out of the program before they get into the upper division classes, because they're incapable of carrying a B-/C+ average (2.5) in core classes that should be a review of what they learned in high school. Another quarter flunk out because they can't pass the basic skills test required for licensing. Another third of the ones that pass have to take the basic skills test more than once.

In other words, teacher education programs scrape the bottom of the barrel in academics. If they insisted on psychiatric evaluations screening for abusive personalities and/or pedophilia, they wouldn't have anybody graduating with that precious degree that says they're more capable of teaching our sprogs than we parents are.

And it's just another support in the framework of my decision to home school my kids.

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