Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's sauce for the gander...

The definition of hypocrisy is telling people to do one thing, and then doing what you told them not to.

Google and its CEO are a really good example of that: Google is under investigation for moving profits offshore to evade taxes, while the CEO says "higher taxes would not prevent him from investing or spending. Opponents say higher taxes would hurt growth."

Riiight. I'd think that the CEO of a company like Google would be wise to the fact that Google enables the common person to do a search to find little gems like the bit of hypocrisy mentioned above.


  1. Google would get my vote for MOST EVIL ENTITY ON THE INTERNET!

  2. Evil or not, they're definite self-righteous hypocrites, which I actually hate more than I hate blatantly evil behavior.


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