Monday, September 20, 2010

Why people shouldn't store their guns in the "proper" manner.

My husband and I do store our rifles in the proper manner: in a locked closet with the ammo (and some magazines) in a different location.

We do not store our pistols in the same manner.

Yes, each handgun is out of the toddler's reach; however, there is a loaded pistol in almost every room of our house where we spend a significant amount of time (with the exception of the imp's room).

Want to know why? This is a good demonstration of what happens when people follow the "accepted, proper gun safety" advice.

I'm not saying our local law enforcement is as incompetent as those in Cheshire, CT; however, when your door is being kicked in by thugs intent on harming you and yours, you have seconds, at most, to react. You don't have the five to ten minutes, minimum, it will take for your 911 call to fetch a response from a competent law enforcement office (longer for the incompetent ones).

It is not the responsibility of the police to prevent crime. It is the responsibility of the police to investigate, solve, and punish crime. It is up to each and every individual one of us to protect ourselves.

And we can only do that if we're prepared for the worst case scenario, and are armed, even in our own homes.


  1. That story is mind boggling. Those cops just sat there because there was no "evidence" of violence. So, if they had not set the house on fire and tried to escape, would the cops had just sat there waiting for evidence to appear while the mother and daughters were being raped and strangle? These guys make the Keystone Cops look like professionals.

    You all got the right idea. Each of us is responsible for our own personal safety.

  2. Kind of pointless to have weapons of protection in your house without having instant easy


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