Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy anniversary.

Nine years. Today. Right now, in fact.

And we're still only marginally safer now than we were then.

I've heard people whining for years, now, that the reason they hate us is because we're belligerent. That we export a culture offensive to Islam, with the nudity, sex, and alcohol routinely portrayed in the media. That we should leave them to rule their world the way they see fit.

I don't recall United States citizens hijacking full passenger planes and ramming them into office buildings full of Muslims in Saudi Arabia, with American citizens celebrating in the streets of American cities as the buildings collapsed and the death tolls rose. Seems to me it happened the other way around.

I don't recall the United States forcing our culture on other nations in the name of religious tolerance. Seems to me that we're the ones bending over backwards to accommodate an enemy ideology, welcoming it into our midst like the idiots we are.

I don't recall any attempts by radical leftists--especially feminists--to force the same standards of behavior onto Muslims that they intimidate the rest of us in the West into, such as treating women, homosexuals, and those of other colors, beliefs, and nationalities as equal members of the human race. Seems to me those same radical leftists are too busy declaring the Muslim culture, which routinely stones rape victims to death because they're unchaste women, the moral equivalent of the culture where the rape victim is seen as a victim instead of punished as a criminal.

Nine years. We've spent nine years coddling a culture that aims suicide bombers at our troops, that buries bombs on roads that as often kill their own people as ours, that wants to force the entire world back into the seventh century, and under their own sandal heels.

People are angry. Politicians seem to have forgotten that the people who elected them have longer memories, don't see the "bigger picture" (if there is one), and only see that political correctness allows terrorists to stalk our armed forces from within their own ranks. Politicians beg us, "Please, oh please, don't provoke them."

What about us? What about the victory center that Islam wants to build on the very grounds that they destroyed nine years ago? What about the bibles, rosaries, Crucifixes, and other symbols of Christianity that are against the law to own in the middle east and are routinely burned in Saudi Arabia? What about the bibles we forced our own troops to burn so that we wouldn't offend those we were sent to subjugate so that they couldn't attack us again? Isn't that provoking us?

Is it any wonder that so many are behind the crazed pastors that want to burn the Koran today?

Nine years. I suspect this is only the first nine years in the next two hundred.

God knows we're not willing to do what's necessary to end it sooner, and prevent their "civilization" from destroying ours in the process.


  1. You can almost feel it in your bones,kind an evolutionary process that will inspire some American's to get angry enough to express themselves with violence again muslims.......

    We need to blow up a mosque or 2 to let 'them' know how America feels.

    We need to get totally out of Iraq and Afghanistan and let the
    warring muslims wipe themselves out.

    If the rest of the world doesn't follow suit--too bad for them.

  2. I hope to God it doesn't turn to violence. We had more killed during the Civil War in the 1860's than in any war before or since, and if it starts--even against Islam--that's where it will end.

  3. Islam is being taught in our public schools. Call to prayers is being broadcaster over public address systems in Dearborne and Hamtramck Michigan. The Hartford, CT city council is opening its sessions with Muslim prayers. Never once did you hear the term "separation of church and state" mentioned when it concerns Islam. Also, I bet you never heard of the ACLU filing suite against anything involving Islam.

  4. You don't see adults discipline children who throw temper tantrums, either. What you're far more likely to see is adults doing their best to buy off the tantrum before it happens.

    And, if we look at a lot of teens and young adults, we can see just how well that works.

    Appeasing Islam will work just about as well as appeasing Germany in 1939 did.


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