Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's sure not a treat.

Hmm...this is odd. The CDC reports that 114 kids have died from H1N1 since this spring. The same CDC that, according to CBS (usually an Obama shill), has ordered testing to cease, and that all cases of flu-like symptoms are to be reported as Swine Flu.

Something is rotten in Denmark.


  1. 3 cheers for more bull shit statistics!

    I guess the common cold is no longer common....same with
    'regular' flu, allergies too.....and
    the stats for swine flu grow just to panic the nation.

    Why? I'm not sure...other than to keep the 90% from worrying about real issues!

  2. "Never waste a crisis," especially one you manufacture.

    This is to scare the sheeple enough that Nancy Pelosi and her gang of Obama twat lickers can shove mandatory Medicaid up our collective ass because "Something has to be done to stop people dying from this pandemic!!"

    Of course, that "something" is growing government, and inserting it into places it should never go.

  3. And I suspect that we will see even MORE balls-up like the problems with H1N1 vaccine distribution (not enough, not going to the populations that need it, bad information, BS like prisoners possibly getting it before the lawabiding taxpaying population) with a nationalized health care plan.

    And I fully expect to be told that as I am over 40 and have no kids, I am therefore "expendable" and under some manufactured emergency, won't get treatment.

    Anyone know how to make a homebrew version of Tamiflu?

  4. Just think, if were prisoners
    at GITMO we'd get our H1N1