Friday, October 9, 2009

I couldn't believe it until I'd seen it on three different news outlets.

Wow. What an absolute load of bullshit. Even the White House thought it was a prank, at first.

Barack Hussein Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. And his presidency had only been up and running for a bit under two weeks when he was nominated.

Some critics are saying that it makes a mockery of the prize. I beg to differ, however: no one can make a mockery of this particular prize, because it's impossible to make a mockery of something that satirizes itself.


  1. Lat night, between flipping back and forth from the LA-BOSTON game and Leno & Letterman---I don't think either made a nobel prize joke--
    I guess the fact that Obama
    won was joke enough.....

  2. You said it.

    Or maybe it's racist to expect him to have done anything to deserve it. ;D


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