Saturday, April 24, 2021

Updates and random stuff

1. The drywall should be fixed Monday.  Turns out that it was a good thing the drywaller wasn't able to come out on Friday, since I had to run to Sam's Club.  That's the last thing that needs to be put right before the new roof project is completely put to bed.  Well, that, and the roofing company cashing the second check...

2. The imp's meds have been adjusted.  Rather than raising the dose on the extended release, the doctor has given us a second, immediate release version that he's supposed to take early in the afternoon.  I'm  watching to see if I can give it to him immediately upon picking him up, or if he needs me to leave it at the office: the deciding factor will be whether it interferes with bedtime.  

3. My meds have also been adjusted.  I have lost something like 20 lbs since Thanksgiving (when I started monitoring my weight to prevent holiday weight gain), and that means I needed a lower dose of thyroid meds.  Eventually, I may need to drop the celery seed extract, if it starts messing with my blood pressure the wrong way...which will leave me with Tylenol as a go-to for pain. 

4. Doc still has me on a massive, mega-dose of D2 once per month.  Today was the day scheduled for that.  And she told me to keep taking the fish oil caplets with 2000 IU per day on top of the 50,000 IU per month.  She wants another screening for that with my next blood test in July.  She says my vitamin D levels are "getting there." 

5. Still my brain is capable.  I'm an idiot, and keep trying to push myself to do more than I'm actually capable of, and setting myself way, way back in trying to keep to anything resembling a schedule.  Damn it.  

5a. I am within spitting distance of finishing the first revision on Having a Pint.  I'll be contacting people for beta reading as soon as I'm done.  There's been a lot of fleshing out.  It went from a hair over 51,000 words to a hair under 58,000 words, and I've got something like a chapter and a half to go.  

5b. I've got a short story that I was working on.  Got it finished.  Realized I hated it, and that I'd done it from the wrong POV.  I'm redoing it, am less than a third of the way done, and already have a hundred words more than the first draft.  It'll likely get chucked in another collection of my short stories, along with a couple with other odd creatures and pets.  So far, there are five stories that will likely go into the collection.  All semi-centered on critters showing up and making room for themselves in the human characters' lives.

6.  And that reminds me...I need to get off the blog, finish a story, then do planning for the next week or so of meals and chores.  


  1. Busy is good! And good to hear about the weight loss, that always helps!

    1. I'd rather not be losing it the way I am, but I'm still looking at the bright side: I will no longer have to get two prescriptions for the strength of thyroid meds I take.

      I will, however, need new PANTS soon.