Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Oof. Unpleasant.

 My endocrinologist is...different.  She listens to me, yes; however...she's really uncomfortable with the natural thyroid that I've been doing well on.  I'm not sure she believes me when I say that I take it at the same time every day: about 5:40 am, and 4:00 pm.  I take it at those times because it disrupts the rest of my day the least at those times.  

Thyroid replacement requires an empty stomach.  You need to take it an hour before eating/drinking coffee, and at least two hours after anything you've eaten.  So, I take my first dose at 5:40, when other half's "go swim" alarm goes off.  He wakes up, I wake up, I go take my pills, he turns on light and gets dressed, then hits the snooze to give me another forty minutes of sleep.  On days he doesn't swim, the only change is that the light doesn't go on, and he doesn't get dressed.  

Basically, by the time I get to coffee, the hour I need between pills and coffee has passed: I get up, dressed, get the kids up, fed, and dressed, get their lunches fixed, and then I get to sit down with my first cup of coffee.  Yes, there's a check-list on the fridge for "brain no work sans coffee."  Yes, I sometimes still get lost.  

This morning sucked.  My doctor wanted me to get my blood draw done before I took my pill.  I dropped the kids off, and realized...the imp was missing his trumpet.  So, I took an extra ten minutes and went to go get it and get it dropped off...which put me at the lab at 8:15...and waiting for a half an hour.  Yep.  I got back to my car, and got my pills taken at 8:55.  More than three hours later than usual.  With only a cup of coffee on board beforehand, and having to wait until a) I got home, and b) a full hour had passed before I could have cup #2.  

Oh, and I take celery seed extract to deal with some of my joint inflammation...and that has to be taken no closer to either dose than 4 hours before or after.  And that made my "take your meds, stupid" alarm at 10:00 useless.  And the timing on this morning's thyroid dose has made my "take your meds, stupid" alarm for the second dose useless, as well. 

I have felt out-of-step all day, today.  And I have repeatedly checked my to-do list because I keep feeling like I've forgotten something.  And I can't tell if I have, or if having my meds timing FUBARed just threw me off that much.  

Yeah, I think I'll have a Scotch.  An hour after I take my second dose of thyroid meds.  Around 7:30-ish.  

I have definitely earned it, and I am in the mood for it. 


  1. Getting off the med schedule DOES tend to make one wonder what 'else' they're forgetting... sigh

    1. Yeah, turns out it was only feeling like I was forgetting something, not *actually* forgetting something.