Monday, May 10, 2021

At long last...

 My house was built in 1970.  It has acoustic texturing on the ceiling (also known as popcorn ceilings), with glitter.  Yes, glitter.  And the texturing is heavy--which hasn't been made at all, by anyone, in over a decade.  The glitter hasn't been made in longer.  And the applicators have had their seals rot from disuse and age.  

Which...has made it very difficult for the drywall guy to match, so that the patch on my ceiling doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.  

He's decided he's going to have to scrape and redo the ceiling with a coarse medium texture.  No word on glitter, yet, but he said he'd have to flick it up with his fingers, if he was able to find any at all.*

He said, when he called on Friday, that the material had just gotten to him, and that he'd be out on Monday to finish the job to my satisfaction.  

I'm thankful for that.  All of the things in the entry hall have been in the family room for a bloody month already.  

 I'm ready to put my house back the way it's supposed to be, rather than having stuff cluttering rooms it doesn't belong in (and I need to clear stuff off the old study table for moving it into the garage for kid art).  I have so much to do...and not a lot of energy to do it with, so it won't get done quickly.  

Hit a lick at a snake when I can, and things get done.  Eventually.  But they do get done.  

*I promised if he had to do that, I'd write a note for his wife, explaining what he was doing and swearing he wasn't at a strip club.  He got the giggles, and said he wasn't married anymore, but would have taken me up on that if he had been. 


  1. One hopes he finishes quickly! Renovations are a PITA, and always take longer/cost more than planned.

    1. He showed up today, rather than yesterday, but the ceiling's done. The entry hall light is going to have to wait until tomorrow or the next day to go back up. And I need to wait until the "mud" isn't dripping anymore (yes, there are splots on my floor that I'll need to clean up, but that's relatively simple) to put things *back* in the entry hall that belong there...but I'll have things back where they belong next week.