Tuesday, April 13, 2021

*That's* done, now.

The last, major, expensive repair and upgrade on the house is done.  We have a new roof.  It needed a lot more work than was initially estimated (we figured it would).  We needed:

  • 12 new rafters put in.  The 2' centers were just...too much.  
  • 35 sheets of OSB put in.  The ones they were removing were crumbling as they removed them.  
  • Something like 3200 square feet of shingles--Owens Corning Duration, Slatestone, if you're curious. 
  • 12 new metal box vents.  We had a mix of box vents and turbines, and the turbines (one of which didn't work) were removed and replaced.  
  • Soffit venting.  Sometime in 2011, the previous owners had a new roof put on, and whoever did it built in the soffit venting.  Covered it over entirely.  But still put the vented vinyl back up over the soffits.  Pisses me off that whoever did that to little old people.  Anyway, that's now fixed.

The dog has been inside, much against her will.  First, because they were working on the back of the house yesterday, and needed access to the back; second, because I didn't want anything dropped on her by accident (or not); and third, because she's capable of being the most irritating creature in creation, when she wants to be.*

The cats have...not been happy.  Cricket hid inside my recliner for part of yesterday, then managed to squeeze her 11 lb self under a cabinet set four inches or less up off the floor.  I have no idea where she hid while they were working today.  Shadow was jumpy and clingy--and that cat is never jumpy and clingy--but settled down faster than Cricket after everything was done. 

We had one minor disaster that the roofing company needs to fix: one of their guys stepped on a board that was just laid across a couple of rafters across the ceiling, not nailed down, and the board slipped.  His foot came through the drywall in the entry hall ceiling.  He caught himself, but there was a good deal of profanity (from him, and I doubt he realized I heard him).  There's a large-ish hole in the drywall, even now, and about a cubic foot or so of insulation came down.  I'm honestly not sure who was more startled, him or me.  

*This is the dog that pissed off a box turtle to the point it was hissing at her and trying to bite her.  And when I rescued it, it hissed at me before it turtled up.  And tried to get back in the yard at the dog who was snuffling under the gate, looking for it.  Turtle was that pissed off. 


  1. Roofs bring their own sets of problems...not just what they find, but what they (the roofers) damage unbeknownst to you doing their work. Best wishes!

    1. Pretty sure these guys fixed what previous roofers FUBARed. The foot through the ceiling was due to a board that *somebody* didn't nail down, that went out from under his foot. NOT the roofer's fault at all.

  2. The last roof I had installed was to sell my house, so I went with the less expensive three tab shingles. The only problem was I had a leak, after my wife had painted the ceiling in the living room. The roofer promptly fixed the roof, but not the leak damage. I could have pushed for the repair, or sued, but the seven dollar can of texture was easier, and cheaper.

    1. I'd have to read the contract, but I doubt internal leak repair is covered. I don't think it matters, for us, since I don't think we'll have any leaks with this roof. The major leak has been fixed, now--the middle turbine had taken a good whack, only worked intermittently, and leaked when it rained bad. That turbine is gone, and has been replaced by a box vent.

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    1. Me, too! With all the funny-money pumped into the economy, we slid in under the wire, just as inflation was starting to ramp up.