Saturday, February 9, 2019

I did it.

And I'm not done quite yet.

I had a productive week with writing.  I set myself a goal of 10K words for the week, and then got smacked with a migraine midweek.  And then a snow day.*  And a scheduled day out of school for the kids.**  But I did it anyway.

I have also managed to keep the dishes (mostly) caught up--not all of the clean dishes have been put away, but I've kept the dishwasher loaded/run/unloaded for a new load.  I've also managed to keep my family fed, keep the cats' litter box cleaned, and get most of my and the kids' laundry done (the imp's still needs to be done, but hey), and mostly put away. 

All this with most of my energy sucked dry by bad cycle timing and bad timing on the migraine (any other time, and it would already be gone, instead of just fading). 

I did it.  I survived the week, managed to not get snowed under too bad with housework left undone, and have not killed or maimed anyone*** in the process.

*Snow day, hah.  More like ice day, considering.  We had rain, fog, freezing rain, freezing fog, thunderstorms, sleet, thundersleet, tornadoes in parts of the state, and a bare dusting of snow and blowing snow.  And temperatures dropping from Wednesday through Friday morning. 

**February has two scheduled days out of school--last Friday, and President's Day--and one day where they let out early (Friday, 2/15).

***Not physically, nor yet emotionally.  Despite occasional heavy temptation.

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