Monday, February 11, 2019

Gonna be a busy day today

I've got things on the docket.  I need to run the dishwasher this afternoon, and then I'll need to do supper. 

I've already gotten several things done--I had to go into the school to take a bag of candy-bribes the pixie's 2nd grade teacher asked me to get for the class, I put more money in the kids' lunch accounts, and checked in with both teachers and the librarian, asking about needed supplies (the 2nd grade teacher needs paper towels, the 3rd grade teacher doesn't need anything at the moment, and the librarian thanked me for asking in the first place, then asked if I can edit her dissertation for her).  I do need to get a make-up shopping trip done, but this morning, I don't have time.  I had housework that needed done before 9:00, and I've accomplished it. 

I have a half-load sitting in the washer, I have a half load of clean clothes to put away, and I've got a basket of kid clothes they need to sort and put away.  I got the quilt pulled up over the bed in the master bedroom, and the pixie's floor space cleared. 

Today, we're going to have an electrician in to put up ceiling fans in the living room,* the master bedroom, and the pixie's bedroom.**  And a new light fixture in the kitchen.

Tomorrow, though, I'm going to have to get the catch-up shopping done.  There are a few things we ran out of unexpectedly, and my time Friday's going to be cut short by a half-day at the kids' school.

I've got the housework done, at the moment.  I'm just waiting on the electrician to come start doing the work.  And writing the last chapter of Gods and Monsters (Modern Gods book...4?  Yeah, book 4).

*When we bought this place, we replaced a pendant light with an LED fixture that snuggles right up against the ceiling in the entry hall (immediately after Odysseus whacked his head on the original fixture), and a wagon-wheel style "chandelier" over the dining area--both were really straighforward and easy, so we blithely moved on to replacing the ugly "crystal" chandelier in the living room with a more practical ceiling fan and fixture...only to find out they'd used something weird to put that damn thing up, and there was no junction box to hook the fan into.  Nor did there seem to be one over our bedroom, when Odysseus went up into the attic to see if he could figure out what the hell was going on.  

**We weren't PLANNING on replacing the kids' ceiling fans.  And then the pixie broke hers.  Snapped one of the fan blades right off where the metal part goes into the fan itself.  It's just as FUBARed a fixture as the living room's and the master bedroom's, so it has waited more than a year.  

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