Thursday, February 7, 2019

Gonna murder someone or something, so help me...

1. It's cold.  Really cold.  Like, 18 degrees or a bit under cold.  It's also windy, iced over outside (we've had rain, freezing rain, and sleet last night), and snowing. 

2. The imp has been unwilling to get dressed, and hasn't been feeling really good today. 

3. The pixie is prone to really bad earaches when it's cold and windy (much like I am). 

4. Schools are out all over the place today.

5. I have a migraine.  Have had the migraine for two days, now, and it's likely to not let up until Saturday afternoon or Sunday.  My migraines aren't as bad as my aunts' migraines, but they're light and sound sensitive.

6.  The neighbor's grandson came over and rang the doorbell to find out if the kids could go out.  I pointed out 1 and 3 above, and said no because the weather's too bad.

7.  The weather is still nasty, despite initial predictions of it clearing off.  It's still snowing.  Still windy.  Still cold.  So, 1 and 3 still apply.  So does 6. 

8.  Neighbor's grandkid rings the doorbell again, about an hour or so after the first time.  I had to explain, in small words, that it is still snowing, still windy, still icy, and neither of my kids even wants to go play outside. 

9.  I am going to murder either my doorbell or the neighbors' grandkid.  The doorbell would get me in less trouble. 


  1. Replies
    1. Other half fixed the doorbell, which was the worst part of the situation. Volume should now be tolerable, instead of eardrum shattering.

  2. Doorbells are easy to disconnect. Pull off the cover, and there are two wires; red and white or black. Just disconnect one and leave hanging. No electrical shock will happen unless someone is ringing the bell. I used to do that on Halloween.

    1. My beloved other half fixed it--he managed to figure out how to turn it down.


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