Thursday, January 19, 2012


It's a crying shame that barbarian cultures have the same access to modern technology as civilized ones. 

A young, intelligent, politically-active, Iranian-heritage woman was murdered in Texas.  Shot in the head at close range. 

Authorities are claiming to not know why, but I would be willing to bet it was politically/religiously motivated.  She was, after all, a living demonstration that women are intellectually capable of as much as men, and was actively campaigning for women to be granted the same basic, human rights in Iran.

I do wonder if she was murdered because she was a political activist working against Iran's culture of barbarism, or if she was murdered because she was a living example of what women can become--one that the animals ruling Iran can't afford. 

I also wonder if she was murdered by one of her male relatives for being a stain on the honor of their family by being smarter and more successful than most Iranian men.


  1. It has always amazed me why the extreme left are so protective of these barbaric cultures and down on our culture. We protect free speech (mostly) and allow women to pursue their dreams. I wonder how Nancy Pelosi would fare if she lived in the wonderful country of Iran or Iraq.

  2. Too bad......a muslim living in the US of A have to take their chances!!

  3. A Muslim woman living anywhere takes their chances. No sane women would choose to be Muslim. The women who do choose it (or choose to marry into it) aren't sane.