Monday, January 9, 2012

Prayers needed...

I'm still not tracking well, after the shock of the news, but my younger sister called about 7:30 or so (central time) to tell me that our mother had been life flighted to the nearest larger city (about an hour and a half from her, an hour from me). She'd gone to a new doctor this afternoon, got shunted over to testing, then had to check in at the ER (stupid Medicaid rules--they wouldn't pay for the proper tests on her doctor's referral), and was diagnosed with an aneurism. Brain, not abdomen.

My first thought was "thank God we took the kids to visit yesterday." Yes, they caught it in time to try to do something about it, but my mother isn't in the best of health, and has odd (and bad) reactions to a lot of treatments. Her heart isn't the strongest, and neither are her lungs or kidneys.

She needs prayers--prayers to come through this at all, and to come through as close to normal health as she can.

My kids aren't old enough to remember their granny, yet.

UPDATE: Mom is in the hospital's neuro-intensive care unit. We'll be going up to see her today. According to the nurse I just talked to, she's stable. We'll be leaving shortly. Prayers still requested.


  1. I'm sorry to hear.. I hope things go OK for her. Thoughts and prayers.

  2. Don't worry you will have people praying for her and your family tonight. Me for one. Keep us updated.

  3. My spiritual thoughts are with you.......

  4. Thanks, Duke--so is your MIL in ours.